Marketing Tools

Sampling, merchandising, catalogs and brochures for the décor market

Laminates, floor coverings, wall coverings, window coverings

High quality printing to promote your brand
Sample Books, Sample Cards,
Folders & Binders

Toppan’s skilled staff and project managers will deliver high quality sampling tools which enable you to convey the quality of your products at a price that ensures your marketing budget goes much further.

Key Benefits of Our Service
High Quality
Toppan has a long history of producing top quality printing for global markets.

Low Cost
We have factories in Asia producing handmade products as well as conventional printed products economically.

We have the skills and networks to source and to handle a variety of materials and to respond to any specification.

Catalogs, Brochures
& Merchandising Displays

Print production is our core business. Toppan’s massive resources and expertise across all areas of communication give us the ability to provide value-added ideas and solutions to clients in all commercial environments.

Our global network of facilities means we are a local provider of print and promotional solutions wherever you are. Whether we are in-sourcing within the group or out-sourcing with our strategic partners, Toppan will provide a creative turnkey solution for your project.

Key Products
Sample Books
Merchandising Displays
Document Management
Point of Sale
Labels and Packaging
Promotional print
Toppan provides total print production solutions as your business partner in your market sector.
Design & Branding
Initial concepts

Powerful marketing tools are like powerful brands – they are dynamic, creative, full of energy and they engage people at an emotional level. We can help you in the early planning stages of your project to create a distinctive personality and unique style right from the start.


Our design service draws on the talents of world-class designers and brand experts. We can take care of all your design needs, from the mechanics and structural elements (no matter how complex) through graphic design, typography, editorial design and imagery.

Throughout this process, our designers work closely with Toppan’s print production team – swapping ideas, testing techniques, and making sure that there are no costly surprises or delays during the production stages.


Too often, powerful design is let down by weak writing. We make sure this does not happen to our clients’ projects. Our team includes expert copywriters who are involved at every stage of the process, helping to sharpen ideas, shape strong narratives, and bring your publication to life with clear and vibrant language.


Your marketing products are important ambassadors for your company, so it is vital they are designed and produced in a way that helps to reinforce your broader brand values. Our designers are experienced brand experts who can help you with any branding needs.

We welcome the opportunity
to work with you.
Project Management
Years of experience coupled with the flexibility offered by our numerous global strategic production partners ensure that we can offer both a high quality and timely service.
Local Project Management

Each one of us at Toppan is a professional. We are expert print project specialists who know our factories and their operations perfectly. We understand your expectations as well as the print business.

If you need us to manage the whole project from consultation to delivery our in-house team will work with you at each stage keeping you informed and aware. Alternatively, if you want us solely to handle your print requirements we’ll control the production, liaising with our plants or print partners to make sure the project comes in on time and on budget.


Toppan can provide a complete publishing service for all of your marketing tools. We can take your existing images or alternatively digitally capture them either by using our photography service or through high end scanning of materials. We’ll generate Toppan-profiled proofs, suitable for all our printing presses, for your approval. Your data will be stored securely for future multi-platform use, ready whenever required. A single color management system ensures perfect end results.

Multi Language Localization

Toppan works with in-house co-producers to provide on-line language translation facilities. We regard this as one part of the overall production process. We take your near to final English or native language files, with images provided by you or produced by us and up-load these to our file server pre-workflow platform. The translation is made by specialists in your market sector, native speakers in the target language. We grant access to your editors or overseas colleagues to review the work in an on-line real-time environment over a specific period of time. We out-put final high res PDF artwork suitable for our presses.

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