Kitchen & Bath

Create a Custom
Kitchen or Bathroom.

Toppan papers create the designs you see in today’s kitchens, bathrooms, and cabinets. Using our pre-coated papers, saturating grade paper or 2D/3D films our designs will allow you to create a custom kitchen or bathroom that will enhance the space in terms of design, functionality, and aesthetic. We can specifically design our products to meet the unique needs of cabinet manufacturers, whether it is cost, physical properties or design. Which is why Toppan papers and films are a popular choice among cabinet manufacturers.


• Wall Panels
• Molding
• Cabinets
• Counter Tops


• Light Basis Weight Papers & Decorative Foils
• Saturating Grade Papers
• 2D & 3D Films

Explore Our Design Library

We have developed a large catalog of designs over the years, check out our design library to see  some of our recent design developments.